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Your Personalized slipmats: is a website of the Aua Records group that offer the possibility to personalized slipmats with your logo and images. You must be the owner of the images or have the rights to use them.
Aua Records will not be liable in case of violation of copyright rights created by customers. In any case, aua records may reserve the right not to accept the graphics provided and cancel the order or ask the customer to prove that they have the rights to use the graphics.
Personalized slipmats that we sell in our website:
All personalized slipmats that we sell in our website are realized under licence of the owners of the rights of the images and the logos.Our company has contacted the owners who authorized it and they will receive a percentage of royalties in the sale of these products.
If the person who gave us the authorization has declared the forgery or is not the sole owner of the rights, the aua records cannot be held responsible in case of violation of others. After having had real evidence of this violation, we will remove any disputed graphics from the site, but any rights must be requested from those who gave us the authorization to use these graphics.
Printing Quality:
Slipmats will be personalized with Digital printers complete with certified Epson color calibration and your graphics will not be changed and any color changes from what you see on your computer are not attributable to aua records. For best results we suggest to send us high quality images and graphics, 300 dpi is a good resolution. Remember that we print on felt and on cork, is not a white paper, so is normal that can be a little difference of colors respect an image printed on paper.
Your graphics:
To realize your graphics you can download and use our template to create your graphics and then you can send us as an attachment on a email message or wetransfer. Please in the message object insert the reference/number of your order, not insert in the object name, nickname, name of the band, or other to avoid confusion or lose your graphics. The template has tracks, if you send us the definitive file including tracks, those will also be printed together with your graphic.
Production time:
The production time depend of our production and/or current orders. Slipmats are printed on-demand, orders are entered into production based on the date of receipt of payment. Normally to print on felt is more fast respect cork. We remind you that this is a customization service, requires processing before being shipped, manual operations and ours is an artisan company. Do not plan to send the graphic and it will be sent to you on the same day or printed and sent on weekends and public holidays (Italian holidays).
The product that you order in our site will be send with the method of delivery that you select. Some cheap methods of delivery have not tracking. If your product will be lost during delivery, aua records will be not responsible during shipping or if will be broken during it.
We accept Paypal payment and you can pay directly with a secure re-direct link to your paypal account. Apply paypal fees is possible. If you don't have a paypal account and are interested to order something, please write us using the contact page. Italian customers: postepay is also possible please select it in the payment options.
Return Policy:
AUA Records does not accept returns of materials unless agreed via email. The return costs will be charged to the customer who will have to return the goods at his own expense with his courier.

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